At the pet shop, 4th

                                         Mariona, Pau, Laura. M i Farners

                                          Ivan, Andrea, David Ch. i Eduard                                      

                                           David C, Camila, Gael i Tim

                                          Berta, Anaïr, Laura S i Oriol

                                          Laia F, Laia C, Abril i Maria

Interviews about the Daily Routines, 4th grade

The 3rd graders have performed a very cool coreography for the song "I ride my bike". Watch how good they are!

The 4th graders have performed different role plays related to shopping. They have been at the pet shop, at the clothes shop, at the bakery, at the toys shop...


Watch these fantastic role-plays! the 3rd graders wrote their own script. Amazing, isn't it?

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