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This Barbie project was completed by the 6th graders with the help of the American Language Cultural Assistant who has been with us during the school year.

Activity 2
Barbie Movies

Activity 3
History of Barbie 

Activity 4
Barbie Girl Song

For the final part of the Barbie project, the 5th & 6th graders learned a classic pop song from the 90's, ''Barbie Girl'' by Aqua. The students had a fantastic time listening to the song, watching the music video and of course, singing.

Activity 5

I had a great time working on this project with the students. They enjoyed watching the film, taking the photos, recording their voices and listening to the Barbie Girl song. The most difficult part was writing the text for the movies. The project took more time than we planned, but overall I think it was successful. They came out of the project with new knowledge about Barbie and they will be sure to remember it.