Friday, 23 December 2011

let's create a voki!!!

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hello,
    We haven't done a voki yet. Is it hard to do? We try doing a popplet last week and made predition about a read aloud book we are using. You can see this a our blog site

    What can you tell us about your culture and the geography (special physical features) in your country?

    1. Hello,
      The vokis are a bit difficult. The description is difficult because we can't hardly write in English.
      What is a popplet?
      In two weeks we are going to write a description of the geography of our little country:CATALUNYA. Our school is in Corçà, a small village near Barcelona.

  2. Hello!
    How could you do it the voki.I liked it very much fun.

    Rita Bonet Ponsati