Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Have a look at this interesting video about nutrition and food. Enjoy and learn!


  1. Dear everyone at Rondonell!
    We found your blog through Burnham School Blog. It is a great blog you have and a fantastic presentation video. It really shows a lot about you all and your school. We have to make such one!
    We are from Kolding in Denmark. Our school is called Vonsild School and we also have an English blog: http://vonsildskole.blogspot.com/
    and our 1st graders have a bilingual class blog: http://vonsildskole11.blogspot.com/ Please visit and comment. It would be great to get some European friends! Great video about nutrition. Our 1st graders are running a lunchbox project with a school in New Zealand. Please join in if you like.
    From Stefan Nielsen and 1A, Vonsild School, DK

    1. Hello,
      We liked your comment very much!!! We read it many days ago but the computer wasn't working so we are sorry for this late reply.
      Thanks for writing your blog link. We will have a look at it. We'd like to start a friendship with you.