Thursday, 17 February 2011

Toy Story 3

Andy is 17. He goes to college. He doesn't play with his toys anymore. His toys feel blue. So they decide to go to a daycare, Sunnyside to find children to play with them. They aren't welcome by Lotso, a teddy bear who is the bad leader of Sunnyside. When Andy's toys see that Sunnyside is not a good place to stay they try to escape. It is very difficult but at the end they are safe in a new house where Bonnie, a very young girl, will play with them.

We love the film because it's funny, emotional, suspenseful, romantic... There's lots of love: Barbie and Ken, Andy and Woody, but the story we like the most is Buzz and Jessie's. We watched the film in English with Spanish subtitles and we were surprised when Buzz started speaking Spanish. We liked Mr Tortilla, Jessie and Buzz's dance, when the aliens rescue the toys,... we liked everything!

To infinity and beyond!
5th graders

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  1. Oh!
    This is my favourite song.
    Is very funning when they dance.

    5th graders