Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Zealand

Yesterday a man from New Zealand, Ryan, came to our school. He gave a presentation about his country.

New Zealand is South-East of Australia. It's bigger than Catalonia where we live. Two islands form the country. Four million people live in New Zealand. The capital city is Wellington but Auckland is the biggest city. Both of them are in the north island.

There are two launguages: English and Maori but English is the most important.

There's an enormous amount of sheep (10 sheep per person). There are special animals only found in New Zealand: birds that can't fly called Kiwis (that's the popular name for the people that live in New Zealand), Tuatara a reptile with 3 eyes and another bird, the Kea that eats people's cars. There are not koalas or kangaroos in New Zealand.

The main sport is rugby. The All Blacks is the National team. At the beginning of the match there's a typical Maori dance: Haka Kapa. It's awesome and terrifying for the other team.

There's also another maori tradition: instead of shaking hands to greet each other people rub noses.

Christmas in New Zealand is very different from here. It's summer and they celebrate with a barbecue.
The Lord of the Rings was filmed there. Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand.

If you want to go New Zealand from here it takes 22 hours and you have to pay about 1,500 euros. The South island is incredibly beautiful. In New Zeland there are mountains, lakes, glaciars, beaches... you can see whales, dolphins and seals.

The presentation was very interesting and we would like to visit New Zealand one day.

Thank you Ryan for visiting our school!!

6th graders

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