Tuesday, 22 February 2011

If I could buid a town

3rd graders! If you need help to practice your poem, here you are! Just click on PLAY and you can listen and read at the same time.

If I could build a town
Betsy Franco

If I could build a town, well then
I know just what I'd make
an ice cream store, a toy shop
and a store with bread and cake.

I guess I'd make a park
and build a nifty fire station
Say, would you like to help me?
It just takes imagination!


  1. Hi Marisa,

    We just got electricity back on but still lots of Christchurch are without water and electricity. Went for a look at two suburbs over from where I live. It is a bit of a war zone.

    The messages from Escola el Rodonel, have been really appreciated.

    We might need Betsy and other's imagination to build Christchurch

    Mr Thurlow

  2. Middle Matters always love hearing you read your English poems!

    Middle Matters and Marg Yore

  3. Hello, this poem is very beautiful!!!