Monday, 28 February 2011

CB frog life cycle video

Metamorphosis is the change of shape during an animal’s life. During metamorphosis the tadpole will develop back legs first, then front legs. Around 6 weeks of life the mouth starts to widen. The tail shrinks, the lungs develop and the back legs grow and then we have a frog.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

British Colonization of The Americas

This term the 6th graders are working on the British Colonization of North America. They are learning about Newfoundland, Roanoke Island (The lost colony), Jamestown (The first successful English settlement), Sir Walter Raleigh, John White and Virginia Dare, Captain John Smith and Pocahontas, Elizabeth I, James I, the Crossing of the Mayflower...

In spite of being a quite difficult unit they are working really hard and they are learning a lot. Congratulations!
One of their favourite stories is about the Lost Colony. Have you ever heard about it?

Lost Colony Part 1
Lost Colony Part 2

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Last Tuesday there was a huge earthquake in Christchurch (NZ). Lots of people died and lots of buildings collapsed. We were really frightened just imagining the situation. We wish we could control natural disasters!

Where we live there are not earthquakes. Last winter there was a very big snowstorm: trees fell down, roads were full of snow, there was no electricity for five days, there was no school for one week!

But we can't compare a snowstorm with the earthquake in Christchurh.

We'd like to ask lots of things about earthquakes to our friends in Christchurch. Were you prepared for the earthquake? Do you know what to do in case of an earthquake? How often are there earthquakes in Christchurch? Did something happen to your school?

We know that you are not at school yet but we hope to hear from you when you're back.

5th graders

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

If I could buid a town

3rd graders! If you need help to practice your poem, here you are! Just click on PLAY and you can listen and read at the same time.

If I could build a town
Betsy Franco

If I could build a town, well then
I know just what I'd make
an ice cream store, a toy shop
and a store with bread and cake.

I guess I'd make a park
and build a nifty fire station
Say, would you like to help me?
It just takes imagination!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Zealand

Yesterday a man from New Zealand, Ryan, came to our school. He gave a presentation about his country.

New Zealand is South-East of Australia. It's bigger than Catalonia where we live. Two islands form the country. Four million people live in New Zealand. The capital city is Wellington but Auckland is the biggest city. Both of them are in the north island.

There are two launguages: English and Maori but English is the most important.

There's an enormous amount of sheep (10 sheep per person). There are special animals only found in New Zealand: birds that can't fly called Kiwis (that's the popular name for the people that live in New Zealand), Tuatara a reptile with 3 eyes and another bird, the Kea that eats people's cars. There are not koalas or kangaroos in New Zealand.

The main sport is rugby. The All Blacks is the National team. At the beginning of the match there's a typical Maori dance: Haka Kapa. It's awesome and terrifying for the other team.

There's also another maori tradition: instead of shaking hands to greet each other people rub noses.

Christmas in New Zealand is very different from here. It's summer and they celebrate with a barbecue.
The Lord of the Rings was filmed there. Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand.

If you want to go New Zealand from here it takes 22 hours and you have to pay about 1,500 euros. The South island is incredibly beautiful. In New Zeland there are mountains, lakes, glaciars, beaches... you can see whales, dolphins and seals.

The presentation was very interesting and we would like to visit New Zealand one day.

Thank you Ryan for visiting our school!!

6th graders

Toy Story 3

Andy is 17. He goes to college. He doesn't play with his toys anymore. His toys feel blue. So they decide to go to a daycare, Sunnyside to find children to play with them. They aren't welcome by Lotso, a teddy bear who is the bad leader of Sunnyside. When Andy's toys see that Sunnyside is not a good place to stay they try to escape. It is very difficult but at the end they are safe in a new house where Bonnie, a very young girl, will play with them.

We love the film because it's funny, emotional, suspenseful, romantic... There's lots of love: Barbie and Ken, Andy and Woody, but the story we like the most is Buzz and Jessie's. We watched the film in English with Spanish subtitles and we were surprised when Buzz started speaking Spanish. We liked Mr Tortilla, Jessie and Buzz's dance, when the aliens rescue the toys,... we liked everything!

To infinity and beyond!
5th graders

Sunday, 13 February 2011

I love chocolate

I love chocolate
in the morning or afternoon,
when I'm home
or with friends at school.

I love chocolate
in cakes or flakes.
I like eating
as long as it takes.

I love chocolate
white, milk or dark,
with mint filling
or ginger sparks.

I love chocolate
when I'm feeling blue.
It cheers me up
and that is true.

I love chocolate,
either semisweet or bittersweet
in summer or winter
that's the way I like to eat.

I love chocolate
in boxes or cups.
I've often tried
but I can'tg give up.

I love chocolate
anytime, anywhere.
There's nothing better.
You can't compare!

The Baby Triplets: COLOURS

Now it's time to play!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Vertebrates Classification

This term the 5th graders are learning about vertebrates in their Science lessons. This is a cool game to revise the characteristics of every group.