Monday, 17 May 2010


Last Friday Peter Redmond came to our school.

He works at Girona's University. He's a friend of our teacher, Josep.

He's Irish-American. His grandparents were Irish and went to New York one hundred years ago.

Now Peter lives in Figueres. His wife is from Polland so he speaks English and Polish. He also speaks French and Catalan.

When he was in the USA he lived near New York's airport.

He thinks that New York is a fascinating city but he doesn't miss New York. He misses his family (He's got seven brothers and sisters).

We talked a lot about New York and the USA.

In the USA there are American flags in every classroom.

He thinks that Americans are more friendly that Catalan people.

From Peter's experience, New York is not a dangerous city. In New York, he likes baseball (He's a Mets' supporter) and the Museum of Natural History.

Peter spoke slowly and very clear so it was not difficult to understand him. We liked his talk very much and it was very interesting.

Thank you very much for coming to our school.

And thank you for your joke! (“The niece” and “The nephew”)


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