Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Last Friday an astronomer was in our classroom (6th grade). Her name is Marta.
She was nervous at the beginning but at the end she was relaxed.
She explained the phases of the moon and the seasons with models of the Earth and the Moon. The sun was a projector.
She told us the theory of the Drop Moon. Milion of years ago when the Earth was melted, a celestial body got into the Earth and a drop of the Earth went away. The Moon was created.
She also told us about the size of the stars, planets and other celestial bodies.
It was very interesting but some vocabulary was a bit difficult. We liked the talk.
Thank you Marta for coming to our school!

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  1. Hello 6th grade astronomers from Corça,

    Thank you for the post.
    I enjoyed very much being in your class, and saw you know a lot of things about astronomy.

    I hope we meet again some day,